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Wireless Labs Sms Forwarder v2.00 for Symbian S60 3rd
Thursday, July 12, 2007
SMS Forwarder is for people who have two mobile phones. We know most mobile communication operators can supply call forward service so you can forward calls from one phone to another. But few operators supply SMS forward service. Now you can make it with SMS Forwarder.

SMS Forwarder can forward received short messages to another cellular phone number automatically. The application keeps monitoring new arrived short messages. Once there is any new short message coming, the application will read the message content and then send the content to another cellular phone in a new short message. Considering the following case, Bob has two phones (A and B) but he only takes phone B with him. He has SMS Forwarder run on phone A and put it at home. At sometime Alice sends a short message “Hello!” to Bob’s phone A. Alice’s phone number is 1000. SMS Forwarder on phone A receives the message and then automatically sends a message with content “(From 10000 Alice) Hello!” to Bob’s phone B. Then Bob can read the message and know Alice is the sender though he is not at home.

Here are some key features of “SMS Forwarder (S60 3rd Edition)”:

· Forward received SMS to another cellular phone automatically.
· Only SMS is forwarded. MMS or EMS is not forwarded.
· The cellular phone number which forward to is configurable at any time.
· The forward service can be open/close manually at any time.
· The encoding of SMS (GSM 7bit / 8bit / Unicode) is configurable to match your mobile communication operator.
· The message sent by the software can be configured to keep in the phone Sentbox or be deleted automatically.
· An information note about the original sender is added to the forwarded message content so the receiver knows who has sent the message.
· Position of information note is configurable.
· The information note includes the phone number and name of original sender. Format of information text is configurable at any time. (Name of original sender is searched from the phone contact book.)
· The delivery report for forwarded message is configurable.
· The SMS forwarded record can be removed from call log.


· S60 3rd edition device

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posted by Kawai @ 6:44 PM  

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