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Wireless Labs UniMessaging Pro v1.00 for Symbian S60 3rd
Thursday, July 12, 2007
We use mobile phones every day. We send and receive messages with our phones more and more often in daily life. Nowadays, with mobile phones we can read and write many kinds of messages like SMS, MMS, Email, etc. We can also send and receive data via Bluetooth and Infrared between phones and other devices nearby.

For S60 series phone users, we use the phone native Messaging application to handle messages. But the native application has some shortage - we cannot convert or forward messages between different types. For example, I have received an interesting email on my phone and I would like to share with my friends by SMS, but I cannot because the Messaging application does not support. We often have to face such trouble. We cannot convert SMS to MMS or Email. We cannot forward Email to SMS. We cannot transfer SMS to computer via Bluetooth…

UniMessaging provides us an all-in-one solution to solve the problem. We can use UniMessaging to convert and forward messages in any types: SMS, MMS and Email. We can also transfer any type of messages via Bluetooth or Infrared.

UniMessaging is a helper to the native Messaging application. With UniMessaging we can convert and forward any message stored in Inbox, Drafts, SentBox and Email folders on your phone. We can convert a message from its original type to any other types and then send it out.


a) DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected attachment cannot be converted due to copyright issue. (for example: SIS file)
b) UniMessaging does not limit the length of SMS. The maximum SMS length is determined by your phone and operator.
c) For Standard edition users, in case sending non-Email message to email, please convert non-Email message to MMS. Most operators support sending MMS to email address.

Here are some key features of “UniMessaging Pro Edition”:

· Convert SMS to MMS.
· Send SMS as a text file via Bluetooth or Infrared.
· Convert MMS to SMS. (Apply to MMS text part only.)
· Send MMS via Bluetooth or Infrared. (Send all MMS attachments one by one automatically.)
· Convert Email to SMS. (Apply to Email body only.)
· Send Email via Bluetooth or Infrared. (Send all attachments one by one automatically. Email body will be converted to text file.)
· Convert Bluetooth or Infrared message to MMS.
· Convert Bluetooth or Infrared message to SMS. (Apply to text attachment only.)
· Convert SMS to Email (only in Pro edition)
· Convert MMS to Email (only in Pro edition)
· Convert Bluetooth or Infrared message to Email (only in Pro edition)

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