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Friday, August 10, 2007

Easy Hot Key is a program that puts actions like shutting down Windows, starting a program, inserting a text or opening a website onto the Keys on your keyboard. Also key combinations are possible. It's also possible to search Google or eBay through a Key.
Possible functions : Display desktop - Minimizes all opened windows Close all windows - Closes all opened windows Open Program/Directory - Executes a program Copy - Copys the selected content to the clipboard Paste - Pastes the content from the clipboard eBay-Search - Here you can search at eBay Google-Search - Here you can search something at Google Close programm - Closes the currently open program New Folder - Creates a new folder Insert text - Inserts a text at the current cursor position Website - Opens a website Shut down Windows - Shuts down Windows Reboot Windows - Reboots Windows Log Off - Causes a Log Off Roll up start menu - Rolls up the Start Menu Open Control panel - Opens the control panel Display-Settings (Dialog) - Opens the Display Settings Date/Time (Dialog) - Opens the Date/Time Settings Language-Settings (Dialog) - Opens the Language-Settings Multimedia-Settings (Dialog) - Opens the Multimedia-Settings Software (Dialog) - Opens the Software List Search (Dialog) - Opens the Search-Dialog System-Settings (Dialog) - Opens the System-Settings.


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