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Plane Dead [DVDRIP] - 2007
Friday, July 13, 2007

No one likes it when you give a bad review. If you're looking for the legacy of George Romero, look elsewhere. This film features characterizations and dialogue so lazy, uninteresting and shallow you really won't care if anyone dies or not, and there's not a sliver of irony to keep you interested otherwise. Ask yourself, "Would I sit through "Friday the 13th part 11?" That narrative is exactly what you'd expect from the title, but the constraints of being on an airplane apparently don't prohibit setting off bombs and having prolonged firefights with automatic weapons.
Why put them on a plane in the first place if there's no danger of a hull breach or decompression, or even a crash? If you're going to stave off farce you have to work creatively around the limitations of your setting; this is why the astronauts in space movies wear helmets, why submariners don't open the hatch of their submarine while submerged. "Dawn of the Dead" took place in a mall - did you see anyone in the mall flying helicopters or yachting? No, because you can't do that in a mall. That would more amazing than having zombies. If a film is too absurd and violates its own rules it ceases to be interesting; it has suddenly become manipulative in the EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE. You can't set off bombs in airplanes and shoot 100 rounds through the ceiling, simple.


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posted by Kawai @ 4:37 PM  

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