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The Nobel Qur'an & Miracles Of The Qur'an (English)
Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Nobel Qur'an & Miracles Of The Qur'an (English)

1-The Nobel Qur'an
The noble book (Qur'an), is the book that is 1380 years old, the oldest copy is still in museum. It's very interesting to read book which haven't changed since 1380 years. Here is the English Translation of this book.
But, why we should read this book?Because in this book you will find the answers for many questions that all of us always wonder about such as:
- The facts of how the universe has created.
- How have the creatures begun? What happening when we are dying? What after death?
- News about what in and what will happen in heaven and hell. What will happen in resurrection day?
- News about angels. Stories of perished nations and stories of Gods prophets are available in this book (Adam, Noah, Moses,n Abraham, Jesus, Yusuf, Isaac, Jacob, Lut, David, Solomon, Job, Isma`il,Idris, and Dhu al Kifl, Zakariya, Yahya and Muhammad).

Read all pages in this book and you will find facts about universe, creature and soul which will surprise you how these facts known since 1380 years.

2- Miracles Of The Qur'an.(Film)
Along with this book there is doFP.infoentary film explain some parts of the noble book, watch this film and you will not believe what your eyes will see. Scientific facts discovered in 19 and 20 century were known before 1380 years, that's amazing.

Don't miss some thing that will change your life.

1-The Nobel QUR'AN
Size:1.95 MB
Download link:

2-MIRACLES OF THE QUR'AN (DoFP.infoentary Film- Available in MPEG and DIVX )
File: MPEG
File Size: 127MB
Download link:,id=16303

File: DIVX
File Size: 677MB
Download link:,id=19959"

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