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Kingsoft Office 2007 Professional English V6.2.0.1247
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Main office applications software is Kingsoft Office which provides word processing, spreadsheet and presentation functions.
Breakthrough in specialized technology A constructive system with four flexible layers

+ Allocation layer supports the application of various components as well as programming languages of every sort.
+ Core layer supplies API (Application Programming Interface) directly, the design for driving engines laid a solid foundation for high-level compatibility.
+ Public layer applies the public functions repeatedly to the ultimate extent and thus the software is small in size.
+ Systematic layer separates operating systems, and realizes the cross-platform application of the products.

With 7 unique functions, you will enjoy a brand-new working experience

1. Cross-platform
* Cross Windows / Linux operating platforms---- The same file achieves the same reading and writing effects in two operating systems with full compatibility.
2. Two-way accurate compatibility
* Compatible in File Format---- Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Spreadsheets, and Kingsoft Presentation are compatible with Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint respectively, and they are compatible in two-way reading and writing.
* Kingsoft WriterMicrosoft Office Word
Kingsoft SpreadsheetsMicrosoft Office Excel
Kingsoft PresentationMicrosoft Office PowerPoint
* Compatible in User Interface---- Kingsoft Office employs XP interface style; therefore users will be acquainted with the software in an instant.
* Compatible in Using Habit---- Users can preserve their current using habits, and do not need to study Kingsoft Office products at all.
* Compatible in Security Mode---- No difficulty in reading or writing encrypted files and macro files in Microsoft Office format.
* Compatible in Office Development ---- compatible in API of Microsoft Office.
3. Space-saving
* Installation Pack only occupies 22M, and it only occupies 83M after installation.
4. Networking
* The users do not need to update Kingsoft Office manually, it can update automatically.
* Kingsoft Office offers considerable templates and professional documents through the internet for your reference.
5. Guaranteed Security
* Original document protection technology authorized by KRM, a new technology for document security based on customer-authorization, which is better than traditional coding and meets the demand of document security in a collaborative working environment.
6. The application of our products expanded with the needs
* API defined and realized by MSAPI is of up to 250 types, fulfilling the expanding needs of customization and secondary development.
* Seamlessly linked E-government allows the documents to spread freely in the governmental intranets.
* Supporting 126 languages, including numerous rarely-used and less-popular languages, which allows for free documental communication between countries and regions.
* Supplies API with as many as 256 kinds of object models and achieves the smooth transplant of OA system.
* Able to be completely embedded into IE, supporting the application of B/S and C/S, and thus meets the application needs of E-government.
* Expandable add-ins and controls meet the customers' individualized demands infinitely.
7. PDF Output
* Support the output of documents in PDF format and permission settings, which can ensure the complete consistency of the PDF document with the original document.

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