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Fantom DVD Professional ver.
Monday, July 23, 2007

Fantom DVD Professional ver. | 10,8 MB
Fantom DVD, our "C/DVD-ROM simulation" software, has powerful functionality that you couldn't decline. The software is easy and practical to use. It not only has C/DVD-simulation function, it also has the function of recording the C/DVD image file to a blank C/DVD if you have a C/DVD recorder. The combination of the "C/DVD simulation" software and the "burner" software not only save the space on HDD, but also makes you manage more easily.

C/DVD simulation engine
Fantom DVD, with its powerful simulation function, can simulate the complete content of the original C/DVD and allow you to use the content of the C/DVD under various environments without recording the C/DVD image file first. In addition, Fantom DVD also supports multiple formats of the C/DVD image file so you can directly mount the C/DVD image file made by the other software to the virtual C/DVD-ROM drive and read it.
Virtual C/DVD-ROM
Availability of up to 2,048(16*128) virtual drives. Windows system of up to 16 Virtual SCSI Controller. Every SCSI controller of up to 128 virtual drives. Notably, The maximum number of supporting virtual SCSI controller are bounded by the windows operating system) Multi-Media Commands - 6 (MMC-6) V6.0 Mt. Fuji Commands for Multimedia Devices V7.06 Availability of up to 20 imagefile format.

Burner engine
You can use this software to record the C/DVD image file directly to a blank C/DVD-ROM without using the other burner software, so you can manage the C/DVD image files more easily.

What is a Fantom DVD
The virtual C/DVD-ROM software simulates the functionality of the C/DVD-ROM drive on your computer by using the computer simulation technology. You can use it as a real C/DVD-ROM drive.
The tasks performed by a normal C/DVD-ROM drive can be done by the virtual C/DVD-ROM drive.
In addition, the virtual C/DVD-ROM drive has many easy-use functions which a normal C/DVD-ROM drive doesn't have. For example, it does not require inserting a C/DVD-ROM in the C/DVD-ROM drive when run the program, so you don't need to bring a lot of C/DVD with you when using it.
In addition, the virtual drive has faster processing speed than a real C/DVD-ROM drive.
Furthermore, using C/DVD-ROM drive simulation software can also well serve the purpose of preserving the original C/DVD (because it might cause scratches on the C/DVD when regularly inserting and removing it as well as during the C/DVD-ROM drive reading operation).

After successful installation of Fantom C/DVD software, the user will see one or
multiple virtual C/DVD-ROM drives shown on the Windows system, and like a real C/DVD-ROM drive, you can see it in My Computer, File Explorer, or the other applications, even in the Device Manager. You can use it as real C/DVD-ROM drive.

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