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Seo Elite 4.0 + Patch
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seo Elite 4.0 + Patch
SEO Eliteā„¢ 4.0 literally reveals the winning linking structures of any of your competitor's websites. So you can copy how they're doing it and improve on it to grab a coveted top-10 search engine spot.

And keep that spot consistently!
Not only does it analyze your competitor's website's, but it does so much more!
"Immediately See What You Need To Do To Jump To The Top Of The Search Engines!"

Within seconds find out ...
Your competitor's entire linking strategy,

* The page your link is located on
* The IP Address of the website linking to you or a competitor
* Whether or not they're still linked back to your website
* The Google (PageRank) of their links page
* The Alexa Rank of your link partner's website
* The page title of the webpage your link resides on
* The anchor text surrounding your link
* The total number of times a specified keyword appears within your anchor text
* The percentage of websites that a specified anchor text exists within your anchor text.
* The total number of outbound links on the webpage your link resides on
* The total number of links on the the webpage your link resides on.
* Allows you to do a "whois search" on the website your link resides on so you can easily call them up on the telephone if you wish.
* The email address of the website your link resides on
* The link popularity of the webpage your link resides on
* Calculates the average Page Rank of all the websites pointing to your website
* Calculates the number of PR0-10 websites linking to your website
* Summarizes the number of links from each IP Address
* Summarizes the total number of each type of extention you, or your competitor's link contain. (i.e. .edu .org .com .net and so on..)
* Age of all websites
* Whether the website is in the Yahoo Directory
* Whether the website is in
* Whether the website is in Wikipedia


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